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The ultimate spray tan available at Sularis

Urban Tan is the most natural looking, Paraben & fragrance free, sunless, spray tan that dries in minutes.


Urban Tan natural tanning, has already gained star status as the ultimate spray tan, and is used as the choice of fake tan with celebrities, make-up artists in TV & film and the professional tanning industry. Urban Tan has personalised aroma scents and colour blends to suit every skin tone and is now available at Sularis.


Born from obsession…keeping it real!

Everyone’s skin is different, which is why Urban Tan created an exclusive range of solutions either to be used individually or blended to create bespoke colours for you clients. There are four shades which can be blended together or used on their own to create a perfect, natural colour for a fantastic sunless tan.


Since its launch, Urban Tan has been a successful spray tan product for the sunless tanning market and is popular in the UK and Europe with a growing database. Featured as the tan of choice on programmes such as Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing and used as the natural tan choice by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, there is a celeb and media fan base. Urban Tan has also been voted Best Scented Tan by Elle Magazine and Best Fragranced Tan by Hello Magazine.



When you have an Urban Tan spray tan, you can opt to personalise it with one of six Aroma Zone Fragrances allowing just a wonderful aroma for you to have throughout the day with no tell-tale hue of DHA development odour.


There are six Urban Tan Aroma Zone fragrances, containing essential oils designed to appeal to an individual’s mood.


Choose from Fruit Vibe; offering a zesty and energising lift with citrus, Holiday Romance; rebalances the mind, body & soul with essence of coconut, Sensual; which offers soothing & calming liquorice,  Forbidden;  envelopes you in vanilla to soothe, Linen; a unisex aroma, revitalises with floral and white musk and Homme; which invigorates with citrus designed for men.